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Sexy Hugs Or Crocodiles?


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Imagine you were having a big dinner party.

You just got a promotion, or she said yes, or any other reason.

You were cooking something that you'd never cooked before.

Some huge roast pork of some kind.

All your dinner guests were excited, ready to taste the delicious smelling pork.

You check the recipe, and it says to cook it until it reaches an internal temperature of 170 degrees.

You check it, and sure enough, 170 degrees.

You pull it out, cut it up, serve to your guests.

They eat it.

Only twenty minutes later, everybody dies!


You wonder what's wrong.

You haven't been arrested yet, so you do some experimenting in your kitchen.

You think maybe your thermometer might be the culprit.

You put it in a pot of boiling water that you KNOW the temperature of.

Only your thermometer says is TWICE AS HIGH as you know it is!'

That's why!

Your thermometer is out of calibration!

Ok, here's another silly story.

Your friend said he'd give you $1,000,000 if you can jump your motorcycle over crocodile canyon.

You dust off your calculus book, do some calculations, and figure if you hit the ramp at 80 mph, you should make it.

So you hit the ramp, your speedometer reads 80 mph, and you start dreaming of your million bucks.

Until you land smack dab in the middle of crocodile river.

After you recover, you take in your bike and have it checked.

You THOUGHT you were going 80 mph, (that's what your speedometer said) but you were really going 40 mph!


This is what happens when things aren't calibrated properly.

You are getting readings that you THINK are accurate, but they are not.

This happens in movies all the time.

If they are comedies, the are funny.

If they are not comedies, they are CRINGE worthy.

Some lady will give a guy a hug.

An emotional, FRIENDLY hug.

But the guy thinks it's a SEXUAL hug.

He starts reaching his hand up the back of her shirt.

She pulls back, horrified.

What the heck do you think you're doing, bub!?

His "sexual interest response meter" was IMPROPERLY calibrated.

Calibrated based on HOPE rather than data.

When most of our instinctive measurements are OUT of calibration life SUCKS.

Death dinner parties, eaten by crocodiles, and getting slapped in the face.

But when you RE-CALIBRATE your instincts?

Life is good.

REALLY good.

Good times, sexy hugs, and not a crocodile sight!

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