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The best relationships are mutually beneficial.

Even raising kids.

Sure, the kid doesn't do much except receive stuff from the parent.

Food, safety, love, various forms of teaching, etc.

But the benefit to the parent is immeasurable.

The child knows absolutely nothing about this ancient arrangement.

They just show up, and suck as much experiential data into their brains as possible.

But once you have a kid, it changes everything.

It changes your outlook, your priorities and the things make you happy, as well as the things that keep you up at night.

This is automatic, instinctive, and subconscious.

Nobody needs to "plan" to become a parent.

Sure, in modern times, there are plenty of busybodies who make it their business to make sure other parents are parenting "correctly."

But if being an effective and loving parent was something that some goof needed to teach, we would have gone extinct hundreds of thousands of years ago.

When you have a kid, it's like a switch goes off in your brain.

This is how ALL our instincts work.

Some are more powerful than others.

But it's kind of like the science and the rainbow debate.

Some philosopher once feared that if he knew the science behind the rainbow, it would make it less beautiful.

But scientists know better.

The more you understand the science behind the rainbow, the more beautiful and astonishing it becomes.

The same with human instincts.

From the outside, it's EASY to detach emotionally and talk about them as if we are Vulcans.

"Hmm, it appears these humans have some kind of genetic based, emotional binding force that keeps them together when it appears illogical to do so..."

But inside of these seemingly scientific emotions is LIFE.

And everything wonderful about it.

However, there is a bit of a problem with our vast collection of emotions.

They are somewhat out of calibration.

They were calibrated for a much different time, when our environment was much simpler, and much more dangerous.

Which CAN present a problem.

But only if you stumble through life half asleep, with blinders on.

Take off the blinders, understand your instincts, and the emotions they create, and get to work.

Get to work doing what?

Deliberately creating the situations that will create the BEST emotional response.

Friendship, food, health, social validation instincts, and of course, the very best instinct:


Get Started:


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