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The Greatest Instinct


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Mother Nature is a genius.

The way she calibrated our instincts to survive back in the day was fantastic.

Particularly when you consider our brains, our main feature.

Brains are extremely expensive.

Thinking about difficult subjects is literally hard work.

Our brains burn more calories per gram than any other body part.

So sitting and studying algebra literally is hard work.

And way back in the day, when our brains were tripling in size over a couple million years, a decision had to be made.

Our brains weren't even close to being finished.

But there was a very physical limit.

The width of female hips.

If the hips kept growing bigger, as our brains kept growing bigger (over the thousands of generations) we would have lost the ability to walk.

Turns out walking, or being "bi-pedal" is a close second to our big brains.

We need both.

This presented a problem.

This meant that as our brains kept growing bigger and bigger, we were born less and less finished.

Which meant it would take longer and longer for us to "grow up."

We spend AT LEAST 4 years being utterly helpless.

And potentially dangerous once get up and run around.

And back then, no one person could afford to stick around unless somebody else would get TWICE as much food.

Half for them, and half for mom and the kid.

This is where Mother Nature's utter genius kicks in.

From a purely tribal standpoint, this is sheer brilliance.

Men compete with one another to get food.

Whoever is the most productive, meaning whoever consistently kills the biggest animals, gets the most social status and recognition.

This social status and recognition sparks the most desire in all the females.

So the better a hunter any one dude is, the more CHOICE he's got with the young cave girls.

But this is only the beginning.

See, Mother Nature KNEW if that any of these dudes had a "hit it and quit it" instinct, the tribe would fall apart.

So she created a much more POWERFUL instinct.

Much more powerful than sex.

The one that GLUED two people together long enough to give the baby a fighting chance.

This is where we get this instinct.

We see a pretty lady.

We want to accomplish something MAGNIFICENT to hopefully get her attention.

And once we are with her, this is when LOVE, the best instinct, kicks in.

At least, this is how it used to work in the old days.

Today our society is essentially a train wreck.

A train that crashed because it was driven by drunken clowns.

But these deep instincts are still there.

In everybody.

In you.

And when you learn HOW to manage them, you CAN feel that true feeling of love.

Just the way nature intended.

Learn How:


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