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The Original Love Triangle


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Way back before recorded history, there was this huge war.

They believe it happened during the Bronze Age collapse, which started around 1200 BC.

This war is referred to as "World War Zero."

And the best they can guess was a bunch of folks from one area, south of the Mediterranean, who they think were referred to as the "Sea People," vs a bunch of people from Northern Greece.

Some folks reckon this was the true events with later led to the idea of the Trojan War.

For a while, they believed the Trojan War was pure myth.

Until they found some ancient ruins, in what is now Turkey, of what many now believe as Troy.

There may have even bee a whole bunch of Troy's piled on top of one whatever.

Cities collapse and are later rebuild in the same place.

Now, suppose you were a Greek writer, and you wanted to tell the story of what was then the GREATEST war in human history?

The first time one collection of people on one side of the known world got together and fought together against people on the other side?

Back when few people know how to write, and most of the stories were handed down?

What would you, the ancient poet, (This is Homer we're talking about, by the way) use to give this story a HUMAN feeling?

And a believable reason for the war?

Well, what Homer did use was the most powerful force in human history.


Not happy love, but lost love.

Two dudes, one lady.

Oldest story in the world.

Based on the strongest human emotion in the world.

Of course, the characters themselves were epic.

Paris, the dude who stole the lady, was the ultra lady's man.

Helen of Troy, the most beautiful woman in the world.

King Menelaus of Sparta, the vengeful husband.

And of course, Hector, Paris' brother.

BAMF defender of Troy.

Love triangle, some epic characters, and boom!

You got a story that has been read for thousands of years.

A story that is essentially re-told for thousands of years.

Romeo and Juliet, the Jets and the Sharks, and countless other retellings of the most powerful, most ancient, most destructive forces of human nature.

Forbidden love that leads to massive bloodshed.

Why is love so strong?

Because without it, we'd still be living in trees and eating bananas.

Human brains are big.

Human brains are expensive.

So only those raised by LOVING parents could survive.

Love that was absolutely NOT optional.

You fall in love, you stay together for life.

Your love gets taken, and you fight a war to get them back.

Love is, without question, the greatest emotion.

Get Some:


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