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How To Obliterate Self Sabotage


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I've always been physically active.

I was an avid jogger in high school.

I started lifting weights in junior high school.

But physical activity is not the only variable to health.

For a while, I was physically active, hitting the gym for an hour or so after work every day.

But my diet was horrible.

When I was younger, I could compensate for my crappy diet with extra exercise.

But then I ran into another problem.

My muscles were happy to comply with whatever I demanded of them.

My tendons were another story.

Without question, the huge majority of any ailments I've had in my life are due to over-training.

And I was over-training because I was over-eating.

My silly plan was to eat whatever I wanted, figuring I'd just blast away in the gym to compensate.

But eventually, one of my tendons, usually my Achilles, would throw up a red flag.


I'd be out of commission for a week or two.

Sometimes longer.

I've had plenty of cortisone injections.

EXTREMELY painful.

Now, as I get older, I am much more careful about all three things.

Eating, physical activity, and my poor tendons.

I've discovered, through many DECADES of trial and error, than when it comes to physical activity, slower is definitely better.

That building momentum is MUCH better than looking for quick results.

You can say the same of pretty much everything.

We want results.

This drive for results is enough to push us OUTSIDE of our comfort zones.

In the process, we drag all our other parts outside of our comfort zone alone for the ride.

Eventually, part us is going to feel VERY NERVOUS outside of our comfort zone.

That part is going to do something to FORCE us back inside.

This is very much like my tendons making me SLOW DOWN.

This is the root of all self sabotage.

Part of you wants you charge ahead.

Another part of you not so much.

Or the part of you that wants to charge ahead has only a VAGUE idea of what's out there.

But when you get out there, you get a much clearer picture, and you suddenly become nervous and scurry back into the safety of your comfort zone.

This is why all self-development programs that are based on MOTIVATION will eventually crash and burn.

What's better?

Forget the motivation.

Instead, build momentum.

Slow, steady, momentum.

And guess what?

If you go SLOW enough, you'll also be building a HISTORY.

So you an look back, and see how far you've come.

This will allow you easily extrapolate into the future, and see how far you WILL go.

Easy, natural, consistent.

Zero motivation means zero anxiety.

Maximum momentum means maximum clarity of thought and perception.

Making EVERYTHING easier.

Learn More:


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