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Ancient Piano Playing Secret


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Long time ago I sold cars.

Like most commission only sales, they'd hire anybody with a pulse.

Their training "system" was pretty simple.

Give everybody the basics, and turn them loose.

Most would quit after a couple months.

Those that could hang in there could learn quite a bit.

One way would be if a salesperson had a customer that was about to leave.

We'd tell the customer to hang on, while we went and got a business card.

This was not the whole truth.

We'd find a manager, say, "I have a customer leaving."

The manager would ask, "What step are you on, and what is their objection?"

The "step" was based on a 10 step sales system.

We'd answer the manager, and the manager would tell us EXACTLY what to say.

We'd go back to the customer and say the EXACT same thing.

This is somewhat like the story of Cyrano de Bergerac.

An otherwise alpha but would fall apart in the face of his love.

So he'd have his buddy write words for him.

Tell Cyrano EXACTLY what to say.

This type of scenario is often used in comedies.

One guy is in a conversation.

His buddy is feeding him lines through an earpiece.

Misunderstandings happen and hilarity ensues.

If you look online for any kind of "money making" system, you'll find the word "blueprint" used quite often.

Why, "blueprint?"

Blueprints are EXACT, step by step instructions.

Other words are "recipe," or any kind of "over my shoulder" description.

We humans LOVE these ideas.

We LOVE any idea that involves somebody else telling us EXACTLY what to do.

The idea is very, very compelling.

We look out into the world.

We very much want something from the world.

But we have no idea how to get it.

So the idea of somebody else telling us a step by step system to get what we want is a FANTASTIC idea.

That they have some secret technique.

And they tell US their secret technique.

This secret technique that is SO POWERFUL, yet it can be described to us with a few words.

And once we have that secret technique in our brains, off we go.

It only takes a little thought to see how SILLY this idea is.

Imagine you are watching somebody play an emotionally moving song on the piano.

They get up and leave.

You are thinking:

"Golly! How can I play like that?"

Then some guy comes up and whispers the hidden secret of piano playing in your ear.

"Wow! That's fantastic!" you say and walk up to the piano and play a masterpiece.


Maybe in fantasy movies and day dreams.

But in real life, you got to get in the game.



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