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One huge mistake is assuming that life is fair.

Ideally, we create a society where everybody gets a fair chance, etc.

This is a dangerous idea.

Think of this from a game theory standpoint.

Suppose you have two people.

One guy believes life is fair.

The other guy believes life isn't fair.

Both want to live the best lives possible.

They want the most money, the best houses, the best relationships.

Let's consider both fair life guy and life not fair guy in two situations.

One, is where life really ISN'T fair.

If fair life guy lives in THIS world, every time something doesn't work out, he doesn't get too upset.

Since he believes life is fair, he won't notice all the under the table shenanigans going on.

On the other hand, not fair life guy, living in an unfair world, will generally do much better.

Since he doesn't EXPECT life to be fair, he leaves no stone unturned.

He looks around the interview room, and figures out ANY way to jack himself to the front of the line.

Fair life guy doesn't, and rarely gets the job.

Now consider both these guys in fair world.

Not fair life guy will STILL do better than fair life guy.

He'll still do the SAME THING in the interview room.

Since he believes that life is NOT fair, he'll do ANYTHING he can to get an advantage.

While fair life guy will sit their patiently waiting his turn.

Now, which of these scenarios is REALLY true?

This is where it gets hard to think about.

Accepting that life is not fair is emotionally painful.

It means EVERYBODY you see is a potential enemy.

It means all promises must be taken with a grain of salt.

But remember where we come from.

We come from a long line of humans, proto humans and lower primates.

Who lived in a very HARSH world.

99% of all species are extinct.

There have been 5 major extinction events where everybody suddenly died.

Humans had to survive by hunting and killing animals.

That is certainly NOT fair to the animals.

And when pushes comes to shove, as it occasionally does, humans will EAT other humans.

Harsh to think about.

But the evidence is undeniable.

So, what's the answer? 

Become a vicious manipulator?

Lie to everybody and claw your way to the top?

No, that is not the answer.

Not only does that take way to much effort, but it makes way to many enemies.

You can STILL live in a messed up world, but be a good, decent, upstanding moral person.

How can you THRIVE?

Isn't this a contradiction?


All you need to do is re-calibrate your mind, and your eyes.

To see all the opportunities out there.

The ones for genuine, mutually beneficial relationships.

Money, friends, sex and whatever else you want.

Learn How:


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