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I used to know this guy who went to a lot of law of attraction type seminars.

He was a chiropractor, the first one I'd met and both seen as a customer.

It turns out chiropractors believe in a lot of weird stuff.

Make no mistake, this guy had some skills.

At the time, I'd had shin splints for YEARS with no idea how to fix them.

He fixed them in about three minutes.

It WAS extremely painful, but it worked.

But some of the other stuff he believed in was kind of kooky.

I went to a couple free, "introductory" seminars with him.

A lot more "kooky" people like him.

They would do these "money manifesting" exercises.

And then go out and look for money on the street, left over in vending machines, etc.

And they'd do these goofy "parking space" manifesting exercises.

Where they'd purposely drive into a huge, crowded parking lot and then imagine they were "creating" an empty space near the front.

Or they would sit at a stop light, close their eyes and do a brief "string of green lights meditation."

And they'd get a string of green lights.

Or so they said.

The little kid in me WANTED very much to believe in magic.

But the scientist in me was skeptical.

I knew about things like confirmation bias, hindsight bias, etc.

I've always thought about metaphysical type stuff this way.

Very much like how the writers created the two characters on the X-Files.

One was very much a believer in aliens and paranormal activity.

Another was a doctor, and had to explain everything due to science.

The absolute GENIUS of the show was that every episode could legitimately be explained by either side.

Hard, provable science.

Or seemingly magic paranormal alien type stuff.

This is where it gets kind of cool.

It turns out our brains DO have a ton of filters.

Many more than most people realize.

Things like confirmation bias, hindsight bias are common.

EVERYBODY knows about them.

But there are also much deeper filters.

Much more complex filters.

A long time ago, life was VERY harsh.

We had to work hard EVERY SINGLE DAY to not die.

To get enough food.

To not eat eaten.

To not end up in an exposed area for too long.

Today, life is not only much simpler, as far as what we need to do, but much, much more complex.

You can leverage BOTH of these ideas.

One is the potential good stuff out in the world is FAR greater than any caveman could hope for.

Two is that because most of us have been brainwashed into tiny attention span obedience, you can build your brain much stronger.

If you do both,  you'll plenty of fantastic opportunities.

Way more than green lights or money on the street.

Learn How:


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