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Can You See The Treasure?


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There are a lot of cool optical illusions.

There's a guy in Japan who makes these very cool, 3D illusions.

Not pretend 3D.

But real physical objects.

Where depending on where you look, the object looks completely different.

There's a few paintings that look 2D, but they are really 3D.

From a distance, it looks like a regular painting.

But it's really a bunch of shallow "sticks."

Long square rods with an edge pointing straight out.

So from one side, it looks like one thing.

But if you slowly walk across the front, to the other side, it slowly morphs into something else.

All this is based on how our eyes are designed.

One theory is that one of the reasons our brains are so big is it requires a lot of processing power to see so much visual detail.

And since our brain is very expensive, it needs whatever shortcuts it can find.

This is why visual illusions are so cool.

Our brain fills in a lot of the blanks.

For example, if we are in a familiar location, most of the stuff we "see" is really internally generated.

Kind of like a brain cache, similar to your browser cache.

When you visit the same websites over and over, your browser doesn't download the images every time.

It stores them locally.

Similarly, your brain "knows" when you are around familiar places, and generates most of what you see from memory.

This is much less brain-processor dependent that perceiving all that stuff "out there."

One of the biggest problems of modern society is that we have a smaller and smaller attention span.

One way they can measure this is how many cuts a movie has.

High intensity, fast paced action movies like the latest Mad Max movie has a cut every couple seconds.

Our brains are so lazy, that movies that DON'T have a lot of cuts cause a lot of deep anxiety.

Like a recent movie, "1917," has plenty of VERY LONG shots.

Some people simply can't handle that.

Which means they don't have access to the MASSIVE amount of data that is out there.

It's very easy to wander through life, letting other people, other entities, your device, etc., do all your thinking for you.

So long as you have enough food, and you have enough interesting and entertaining data hitting your senses, you'll be a happy human.

You won't have to do much thinking.

On the other hand, if you train your brain to THINK and to see beyond the obvious, you can discover something wonderful.

What, specifically?

That's the whole point.

There is SO MUCH stuff that most people will never see, that you can calibrate your brain, your eyes, and your subconscious to see TREASURE.

Whatever kind of treasure you want.

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