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One of the biggest problems guys have is with noticing IOI, or indicators of interest.

This is mainly due to social anxiety.

Anxiety burns up a ton of brainpower.

With so much energy being spent on worrying, it's hard to notice all the micro-movements that would be a wide open invitation.

From the ladies' perspective, this is extremely FRUSTRATING.

In her mind, she is sending you MASSIVE signals.

From inside her mind, it works like this.

She WANTS to get your attention.

But if she is TOO obvious, it will make her look terrible.

After all, guys and girls both BELIEVE that the guys are SUPPOSED to do the approaching.

This isn't social programming.

This is ancient human instincts.

So when a girl sends a guy a signal, one that is putting some conscious thought behind, she must be VERY CAREFUL.

If she is too blatant, everybody will see.

Guys and girls.

And a girl who is TOO OBVIOUS will be marked for life.

At least in her ancient cavegirl mind.

But if she's NOT clear enough, the guy won't notice.

This is one of the MAIN complaints ladies have of dudes.

That dudes are just TOO THICK to play the covert flirting game.

That even if she's making it VERY OBVIOUS, the dude will look over at her with a dumb expression.




But this doesn't just go for girls flirting with guys.

This goes with pretty much EVERYTHING.

Most of us miss TONS of signals.

TONS of openings.

Not just for romantic success, but for all kinds of success.

Kind of like that line from the Talking Heads song:

"Dreams walking in broad daylight."

But most of us are TOO up in our heads to see it.

Our self-talking nervous chatter is drowning out ALL the signals around us.

Most of are waiting for an obvious, blatant ENGRAVED invitation.

And since nearly all opportunities are EXTREMELY subtle, we miss all of them.

There's this old school dancer, who also make a killing in the stock market.

He wrote a book back in the sixties about his techniques.

He had a very SIMPLE system.

His biggest complaint?

He'd give his friends tips.

SIMPLE tips.

If this stock does THIS , you should buy it.

But it does THAT, be sure to sell it.

Would they take his advice?


They would spend WEEKS studying the company, waiting for some kind of GUARANTEE that they'd succeed.

If they would have TAKEN this advice, they'd be rich.

But they were too scared.

So opportunity after opportunity passed them by.

You will RARELY get an all clear signal.

Probably never.

But if you relax your mind, turn off the chatter, you will see POTENTIAL opportunities every where.

For love, sex, money and plenty of other good stuff.

Learn More:


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