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One powerful yet somewhat confusing law of influence is the idea of comparison and contrast.

When we look at any one thing, we look at it differently under various scenarios.

When that "thing" is by itself, it's got a certain subjective value.

When that "thing" is next to something else, it's got a completely different value.

If you can strategically put the "thing" next to something, that "thing" will be perceived as have a MUCH higher value, that if that "thing" was all by itself.

Marketers use this with profitable cleverness.

For example, a $300 coffee machine sits on a shelf, and nobody buys it.

But they put it next to a $500 coffee machine that only has one more feature, and now that $300 coffee machine looks like a STEAL.

Or a restaurant has a $50 wine as their top wine.

Since it's the most expensive one on the list, nobody buys it.

(This is an actual case study from a marketing text).

So they hired a consult to help.

Turns out the wine salesman sold them a LOT of $50 wine bottles.

No problem says the consultant.

But ONE case of $250 a bottle wine.

Put THAT one at the top of the list.

Now, compared to the $250 bottle of wine, the $50 bottle looks like a STEAL!

They sell out within weeks.

One more example.

A company is about to report earnings.

Everybody expects earnings to be $.75 a share.

But they report $.80 a share.


It BEATS expectations.

They THOUGHT it would be only $.75 a share.

So compared to that expectation, $.80 looks FANTASTIC.

Now, the money question.

How can you USE this little known facet of psychology?

By practicing how well you communicate.

First a bit of honesty.

Most of us are NOT hot looking Chads.

We don't have six packs, we aren't model gorgeous, if we tried to sneak on the cover of Men's Health we'd get arrested.

That's absolutely PERFECT.

So there you are, with your non-Chad clothing and your non-Chad face and your non-Chad body.

But then you start speaking.


The stories you tell, the gestures you use, the embedded commands you drop here and there.

Way, way better than what ANYBODY expected.

Even better, is if you practice speaking this way with regular people, you'll develop MASSIVE social proof.

And since you'll be the one talking, and they'll be the one listening, you will ALSO have authority.

This trifecta of unexpected seduction power works BEST if you don't look like a men's health cover model.

And the more you practice this storytelling technique, the more ALL THREE of these psychological triggers of influence and seduction will work in your favor.

Get Started:


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