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Why You Should Practice Seduction


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Back when I was in high school, I ran cross country.

And even before that, I was an avid jogger.

And I used to play these tricks on myself when I was out running.

One of them was when I turned up my street, and only had a hundred yards left, I would play mind games on myself.

I would pretend that I was running to the end of my street.

But my house was only halfway up.

This would give me some mental energy to push all the way through.

This was to counter a habit I'd had of slowing into the finish line.

You can find this idea in plenty of areas.

Pretending you are going much further than you really are.

If you have a target, and you don't hit it, it sucks.

But if you can "trick" yourself that your target is much higher than it really is, even if you don't hit your "fake" target, you'll hit your real target.

Most people do the opposite.

They don't hit their real target.

So they pretend that their real target was LOWER than it was.

This kind of reframing happens AFTER the fact.

The other kind, with the fake target higher, is best done BEFORE the attempt.

This is a very useful model to use when learning any kind conversational techniques.

This does require you have a long term goal.

A long term goal that is a very important, life goal.

More of a "horizon" goal than the specific goal.

For example, suppose you wanted to become the absolute most persuasive person on Earth.

This is not something you can EVER achieve.

But it is something you can keep getting CLOSER to.

And the more persuasive you are, the much easier life will be.

Pretty much everything you can think of REQUIRES you interact with somebody in SOME capacity.

Job interviews, writing sales letters, convincing friends and family members, etc.

So why not practice on the HARDEST and MOST ABUNDANT targets there are?


Attractive women.

Most guys have this fantasy that when they see "the one" they'll rise to the occasion.

The problem is, most guys have the AFTER THE FACT reframing strategy.

They see a girl pop up out of nowhere.

They try to talk to her, get her number, etc.

They fail spectacularly.

And then REFRAME that girl as NOT being the one.

As only being PRACTICE.

Which means they'll NEVER meet "the one."

Instead, consider the opposite strategy.

Of deciding, beforehand, that EVERY GIRL you ever talk to is practice.

Because once you are comfortable talking to girls, EVERY OTHER persuasive conversation will be EASY by comparison.

Job interviews.

Convincing friends to go your way.

Even girls you are INTERESTED in.

Get Started:


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