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Three Steps To Romantic Bliss


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One man's problem is another man's opportunity.

The same situation, seen from a more resourceful mindset, looks much, much different than it does to somebody with a more limited mindset.

For example, plenty of guys get at least a little bit upset when their lady gushes over movie stars or musicians or athletes.

Some see this as a sign of disrespect.

That she should refrain from speaking about such feelings.

Or even having such feelings.

Most guys have a false beliefs that they are super hero alpha killers.

That their gal MUST behave with utmost respect and deference.

They even go on forums and complain that their gal is "misbehaving."

Like a dog that peed on the carpet.

How do I train my dog to stop doing this?

All this is the PROBLEM state.

What is the OPPORTUNITY within this problem?

An unsatisfied woman.

Very few men and women in relationships feel ABSOLUTELY satisfied.

Even among life long best friends there are good things and bad things.

But more importantly, how can you LEVERAGE this problem state?

Of many, many, unsatisfied women out there?

For one, understand WHAT specifically they want.

That actor, that musician or athlete, what do THEY represent?

The hero of every love story.


The MAN all the ladies are lusting for but can't have.

Most guys, and most gals today are very BORING.

We don't spark each other's emotions very well.

For most of us, being sexually, romantically and emotionally STARVED makes it EASY for us to get into relationships.

When you are STARVING, anything edible is good.

This, again, is a HUGE opportunity.

There is three basic steps to make it work.

And work well.

Step one, is you learn some basic storytelling skills.

Storytelling that has heroes, deep emotions, romance and passion built into them.

Then you drop in a few covert techniques.

To subconsciously connect the FEELINGS in the stories to you.

The next step is the EASIEST.


No not, like in gymnastics.


Leave her alone to think about the stories.

To think about the emotions in them.

And let her ancient cause-effect generator, that lives in EVERYBODY'S brain, to get to work.

Meaning that every time she thinks of a hero, or romantic fantasy emotions, she will UNCONSCIOUSLY think of you.

This will create a deep longing in her, that she, perhaps, has NEVER felt.

Why do you think woman LOVE romance stories, vampire stories, forbidden lover stories?

Be the one to CREATE those feelings in her, and you'll find out.

Get Started:


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