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There are two basic ways we humans fall in love.

Slowly, and quickly.

When it happens quickly, consider that this MUST be based on superficial ideas.

Simply because we humans are so complex.

And it takes a LONG TIME to get to know us.

So when you meet somebody, and you fall in love with them very QUICKLY, it CAN'T be about things you know about them.

But at the same time, we all have experiences having a HUGE crush on people we rarely know.

How is this possible?

For one, we all have a "love instinct."

Or, rather a collection of "love instincts."

Meaning we all have an IDEAL PERSON we are carrying around inside our brains.

We also have a TON of biases.

One of the most powerful for falling in love is confirmation bias.

We all have a largely subconscious idea of our DREAM LOVER.

And because reproduction is a POWERFUL force, this dream lover idea is VERY IMPORTANT to us.

Kind of like when you are super hungry, and you're driving to a restaurant.

Even if you've never been there before, you will FANTASIZE about what you will eat.

Most modern humans are absolutely STARVED for love.

So we have a very STRONG dream lover living in our brains.

The absolute best case, dream person whom we'd do ANYTHING to be with.

This is the source of one way crushes that are IMPOSSIBLE to get out of our mind.

It works like this.

We have this huge dream lover in our brain.

We see a person who matches this dream lover.

Once THAT idea wakes up, that THAT person might be our DREAM lover, our ancient instincts kick in.

The ancient instincts that said we only get ONE CHANCE.

This fires up our confirmation bias.

Since our imaginary dream lover is UNDEFINED, and lives in our subconscious, this confirmation bias is a TWO WAY street.

We find all the qualities about THEM that match our dream lover.

We augment our vague, dream lover hallucination so it will more match that person we see in real life.

Add in some scarcity, and BOOM!

You're in love.

Even if you've never talked to them.

Every time you are away from THIS PERSON, your mind goes into over drive.

MIS-REMEMBERING who they really are, to match your dream lover hallucination.

RE-CALIBRATING your dream lover to match the real person.

This is how people FALL IN LOVE.

When two people feel the same way about EACH OTHER?

Wars have been fought for less.


Luckily, there is a wonderful, powerful and hypnotic way to MOVE this process along.

With anybody.

Learn How:


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