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Recently I saw some photos from the old Soviet Union.

They had a centrally managed economy.

This means their super bureaucratic, ultra corrupt central government had to choose what everybody could buy and sell, and for how much.

The result was very little creativity.

The picture was of some fruit store.

But all the dudes selling stuff had boxes of the same apples.

And the apples didn't look that appealing.

When Nikita Khrushchev visited that states, they showed him around an American supermarket.

The dude was FLOORED by all the stuff you could buy.

We can make some rough comparisons to the modern dating market.

Both teams will quickly agree that it pretty much sucks.

Kind of like shopping in the Soviet Union.

Or like one scene from a Monty Python movie.

Some dude at a market selling nothing.

"I have nothing for sale!" he kept shouting.

Men AND women would agree that all the quality men or women have vanished.

Maybe aliens came in while we were all sleeping and took them to planet gorgeous-people-sex-party or something.

But here is something that most people don't like to hear.

And it does sound kind of metaphysical, so if you don't WANT to believe this, it's very easy to NOT believe this.

And that is that water seeks it's own level.

This means that high quality men and women do tend to find each other.

There's not a secret, physical location where they secretly hang out.

People do find each other.

People do get together.

People do have happy relationships.

Fulfilling relationships.

Relationships they would do anything to protect.

Why can't most people see them?

Or more importantly, why can't they FIND those relationships?

They reasons are complex.

Mostly involving a whole collection of instincts and biases.

But studying why we deceive ourselves into understanding specifically WHY the dating market sucks won't help.

It will make matters FAR WORSE.

Sure, if you are an academic who accepts being on the sidelines the rest of your life, this CAN be an interesting discussion.

But, screw that.

I'm guessing you want to GET SOME.

Not just the garbage that is out there for all to see.

The question is, HOW?

Improve your game, that's how.

This may take a leap of faith, something many people are too terrified to do, but guess what?

It's your choice.

But if you DO decide to improve your game, you'll start to see things others don't.

Kind of a like a highly skilled real estate agent can make tons of money in ANY market, guys with solid game can find high quality women ANYWHERE.

Because AS your game slowly improves, your biases will slowly shift as well.

How, specifically, can you improve your game?

Here's How:


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