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What do women want?

Nobody knows, not even women.

Of course, for men it's pretty much the same thing.

A bigger and more accurate question would be what do us humans want?

Nobody knows, not even us humans.

There are many reasons for this.

One of them is there are too many choices.

Kind of like being super hungry and standing at a MASSIVE buffet.

You're hungry, but you can ONLY eat a couple plates.

Without even knowing what it's called, we commonly deal with what economists call "opportunity costs."

If you make a plate of carne asada nachos, and then a few slices of pizza, you won't eat the fried chicken or the burgers or fries.

This is when getting what you want is EASY.

Reach out, grab it, and put it on your plate.

It gets even MORE complex when it's not so easy.

This is when we have a bunch of choices, but not only do we have to deal with opportunity costs, but we also aren't sure if we are going to get our choice.

Imagine being back at the buffet.

You only get three choices.

But before each choice, you flip a coin.

Heads you get it, tails you move on to choice two.

This is KIND OF what like it is being a human.

We have a bunch of choices, but even when we choose, we aren't sure if we are going to get what we choose.

But in real life, it's even harder.

At the buffet example, what you see is what you get.

Let's make it even more difficult.

Three choices, AND a coin toss, but you have NO IDEA what you are getting until you actually get it.

This is starting to sound like the famous "Monty Hall" problem from game theory and statistics.

A car behind one door and a couple of goats behind the others.


This is KIND of what it's like from women's perspective when they look out at the dating market.

What they see is definitely NOT what they get.

What they want is definitely NOT easy to get.

And it takes a LOT of social proof to override a women's ancient programming that says banging every dude in sight is a no-no.

Especially when you consider how WRONGLY most guys approach the dating game.

Most guys try VERY HARD to be JUST LIKE every other guy.

Face, body, bling.

For women, this would be like going into 31 Flavors and finding out that all 31 flavors are a variation of VANILLA.

Jiminy Christmas!

The good news is that it's very easy to DIFFERENTIATE yourself.

By learning some simple communication strategies that most people don't even know exist.

This means YOU will stand WAY OUT among all the other drooling goofs.

Learn How:


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