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The halo effect is a real thing.

Unfortunately, it's one of this things most people have a vested interest in NOT believing.

Pretty people very much don't want to believe it.

They want to believe their success is due to something BEYOND their genetic gifts.

But it's pretty simple, both how it works and WHY it works.

Step one is to understand what specifically makes pretty people, particularly pretty ladies, so "pretty."

"Pretty" in modern terms is "healthy and can have a lot of kids" according to ancient caveman terms.

So being more interested in pretty people was an evolutionary benefit way back in the day.

This was back when our instincts did our thinking for us.

Today we need to manage this stuff on our own.

The way it works is simple.

We look at a pretty person talking, and we find the thing they are talking about very interesting.

What about if you are a dude?

If you're decent looking, you've got some decent threads or bling, some status, that's essentially the same thing.

Guys look at a pretty lady, and their INSTINCTS make them attracted.

Ladies look at a high status male, and their INSTINCTS make them attracted.

So far, no rational or conscious thought is required.

But we aren't cave people any more.

We can OVERRIDE our instincts with rational thought.

And we can do this in a way that will INCREASE how attractive others find us.

How so?

One technique is by telling quick, broken stories.

Most people tell stories linearly.

This happened, that happened, something crazy happened, and everybody lived happily ever after.

But you CAN break them up.

Build up to the "mini climax," when something crazy happened.

And then BEFORE you resolve that climax, start another story.

And keep breaking them off BEFORE each climax is resolved.

Why does this work?

Because another one of our instincts is we HATE unfinished business.

So no matter WHAT the content is of your stories, they won't have any choice BUT to be fixated on your stories.

EXACTLY LIKE dudes can't help but to be fixated on hot ladies.

And EXACTLY LIKE ladies can't help but to be fixated on high status dudes.

Even BETTER is if you DON'T have status, bling or looks.


Because she'll be focused on you with rapt attention.

But there won't be any obvious reasons WHY.

So her ancient cave lady brain will have to come up with a reason.

And that only obvious answer is she is MASSIVELY attracted to you.

Where else can you find this kind of INEXPLICABLE attraction?

Within her favorite romance stories.

Do THIS and she'll feel like she's suddenly smack dab in the middle of a romantic fairy tale.

With YOU as her prince.

Learn More:


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