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Henry Ford was a genius.

He, of course, became rich and famous for creating a mass produced car.

Not inventing the car, but inventing a way to build a ton of cars quickly and cheaply.

There's a famous pair of pictures from back in the day.

Both are pictures of the same street in New York.

One has a bunch of horses, and a few cars.

Another has a bunch of cars, and a few horses.

They were only taken ten years apart.

This is what they mean by "disruptive technology."

When you can make something WAY better, and WAY cheaper than the competition.

It absolutely OBLITERATES the competition.

Plenty of businesses went OUT of business because they couldn't see what was coming.

Funny thing, though, is the company that showed up and put FORD out of business.

Well, since they're still around, they never went out of business.

But Ford being the main maker of all cars didn't last long.

This is free market economics at work.

If you have a good idea, EVERYBODY will try and copy it.

To make it better, cheaper, etc.

What was it that did Ford in?

What did this new company figure out that Ford didn't?

A very simple shift in the product, the car, that made all the difference.

One of the ways Ford streamlined his manufacturing line was to make ALL cars the same color.


So all the competition did was to make them DIFFERENT colors.

That was enough.

If you live in a world with ONLY black cars, you can't really think of COLOR as being something that differentiates one car from another.

There is a very simple parallel in today's dating market.

If you think connecting dating and romance to cars is odd, it's actually pretty common.

Just listen to the lyrics of any Springsteen song.

Anyhow, back to the metaphor.

Today's dating market, from the perspective of women, is like the FORD ONLY days of cars.

This leads us to make a false conclusion about what the ladies like.

Because most men LACK this basic skill, women have no choice but to compare men on other qualities.

Looks, bling, artificial status.

What's the missing variable?

The one variable that will DESTROY the competition?

Being able to MOVE her emotions.

All women are attracted based on how they FEEL.

And with the market so disastrous today, they have to rely on ONLY what they can find to get those feelings.

And this is looks, money, status etc.

But when you UNDERSTAND why they want those feelings, it's like being the first guy who can make different colored cars.

YOU will stand out.

But even better is when you understand HOW to create those feelings.

Not through bling, or money or even LOOKS.

But conversationally.


Learn How:


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