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30 day goals - Let's create a goal, find a video and listen for 30 days and report our daily progress


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Hi All,


I believe in the power of focus. 


So, I thought this would be a fun challenge so

we can all start seeing CONSISTENT results from

these videos.


Make a list of the TOP 3 changes you want to make

and then find a video to listen to, download and burn.


Then, go to your local drugstore and get a CD-R

so you can burn the Mp3's onto there.


Then, using a CD player that has the repeat function or auto play,

put the CD in and listen to while you are sleeping every night

for 30 days.


By the way, most CD-R's are sold in the electronics



Journal your progress here each day.


One other thing I am going to try:


I will listen to a video in the morning and in the evening

and as I listen I will also write the commands on a piece

of paper. I really believe writing also helps imprint the subconscious.


Lets give it a go.



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