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We humans have crappy memories.

Unless you are a freak or have spent some time learning some memory techniques, you forget somebody's name a few seconds after you hear it.

Even in school, when we are told exactly what to remember, we study all night, and get a B.

If you are a prosecuting attorney, and all you have is eyewitness testimony, you won't even bother.

Study after study has shown how faulty our memories are.

Even super goofy studies where they have two guys carrying a big painting down the street show half of us aren't even paying attention.

The two guys with the painting purposely block somebody, the person waits, one of the guys goes behind the painting, and a COMPLETELY different person comes back out.

Only about HALF of the people notice this.

This is kind of funny, but it also presents a problem.

Because whenever we go into a NEW situation, our brains MUST figure out how to feel about it.

So it quickly checks all the similar experiences in our past.

If we've done that thing a bunch of times successfully, we'll get a strong positive response.

But if we haven't, we'll get anxiety as a response.

This is why we feel confident doing EASY things.

We define those as easy since we've done them a bunch of times.

Our mind-body system notices we're going into a situation where we've had TONS of success before, and sends back a, "sure, no problem," response.

The problems come when we WANT to feel confident doing things we AREN'T confident doing.

Killing it in job interviews.

Making a ton of money in sales.

Talking to attractive people.

The most common way to develop confidence in these areas is to simply muscle your way through.

Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Build in tons of positive experiences on top of all the negative ones.

This is a legitimate strategy.

But it DOES take time.

And a LOT of effort.

There IS a much easier way.

And this relies on our super-crappy memory.

See, most of the stuff we remember DIDN'T happen the way we remember it.

How, exactly did it happen?

Who knows!

Who cares!

This means you can get in there, inside your own brain, and CREATE any experiences and any feelings about those experiences that you want.

You have to kind of constrain yourself to reality.

You can't really pretend you are from another planet and you have super powers.

But you can change the MEANINGS you give to random events in your past.

How many random events do you have in your brain?

WAAAAAAAY more than you can find.

Which means you can BUILD maximum confidence in any situation you want.

Without EVER leaving your home.

Learn How:


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