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Magic Johnson was famous way back in the day for his "no look pass."

The then Lakers played very well together.

And combined with Johnson's super human skills, he could literally pass the ball behind him.

He had very wide peripheral vision, as many athletes do.

Bruce Lee was another athlete who had wide peripheral vision.

Of course, in the movies, this was exaggerated, by his super wide eyes when he'd be beating the crap out of everybody around him.

A more recent example is a gif that's been going around.

Of a baseball player talking to a reporter.

Far on the other side of them is a batter hitting a ball.

The ball curves toward them, and the player looks quickly, reaches up, and catches it bare handed.

They were standing in the outfield, and the time was about 1 or 2 seconds from when it was hit to when he caught it.

But the way he caught it was like how a normal human would catch a tennis ball tossed from a couple feet away.

Even then, such a "no look catch" would be impressive.

There are a few things going on here.

One is that we all have that kind of capability.

Of training our senses to being highly calibrated to our environment.

The totality of our mind-body system BEYOND our very small conscious awareness is EXTREMELY under-utilized.

Our mind body systems were calibrated with life was much more dangerous and difficult.

To get our needs met, we had to THINK very hard about how to do that.

To stay out of trouble, we had to THINK very hard about how to do that.

We had to ALWAYS pay very close attention to our environment.

Today, only professional athletes come close to what USED TO BE normal.

This means that every single human has MASSIVE untapped potential.

This DOES NOT mean you can become rich by chanting some magic ancient words.

Or by simply ACKNOWLEDGING your potential you will automatically ACCESS your potential.

We all have potential like we have PUSH UP potential.

ANYBODY can train themselves to do a couple hundred pushups.

This is the kind of potential that everybody KNOWS they have.

But activating that potential takes a lot of time.

AND there isn't much of a payoff.

But there IS massive payoffs to activating OTHER kinds of potential.

Body language reading, projecting, etc.

All of us JUDGE others very quickly.

We do so BEFORE we talk to them long enough to see what they're all about.

They judge US and we judge THEM.

This happens quickly, automatically and subconsciously.

We can't NOT do this.

But here's the cool part.

Just by noticing this about yourself, you'll send a completely different non-verbal message.

You'll project a much stronger, non-verbal frame strength.

And that's just the beginning.

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