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A very common martial arts movie trope is that you learn to fight so you don't have to fight.

With just a little bit of thought, this makes perfect sense.

If you don't know how to fight, AND you are worried about getting beat up, you will project a certain non-verbal energy.

Street thieves, pickpockets, etc. know exactly WHO will be most likely to NOT put up a fight.

And who will most freaked out to NOT remember much.

They look for people with "weak" body language.

Lack of eye contact, slumped shoulders, etc.

Since this is more or less their "profession," they have to know consciously who to target and who not to target.

They make a mistake, they got to jail, or get pepper sprayed in the face, or get their eyes gouged out, or get kicked in the nuts a few times.

So when you learn to "fight," you slowly shift your body language.

By building in plenty of memories of successfully defending yourself, you slowly REPLACE fear with confidence.

So you exhibit much different body language.

One that bullies and pick pockets want NOTHING to do with.

A very close parallel can be drawn between frame and game.

The main difference is it is largely subconscious.

To both sender and receiver.

But the process is the same.

Suppose, for example, you had a pretty weak frame.

And you decided to do some cold approaches to build your frame.

And suppose you decided to keep plenty of data.

You did a lot of post game journaling.

You kept track of what you said, what she said.

Who she was with, what was doing, what, if any, signals you got before the approach, etc.

So long as you kept good records, and embraced the natural feedback loop, you would get better and better.

Because your frame would be slowly getting stronger and stronger, you would be getting better and better results.

This is EXACTLY what they mean when they say, "success breeds success."

The problem is OBVIOUS.

Before you got to that tipping point, it would take a LOT of courage.

You would have to suffer through a LOT of rejection.

Regardless of what anybody says, rejection sucks.

It takes a lot of mental effort to muscle your way through all those approaches, all that rejection, to eventually (hopefully) get to the tipping point.

This is where the metaphor is MUCH DIFFERENT than martial arts.

Learning any kind of martial arts means you are surrounded by very helpful people.

Doing a bunch of approach is ONLY you, and all the people rejecting you.

That's why people very RARELY improve their frame through brute force practice.

But there's also another way.

Because frame is much more based on how you INTERPRET events.

And you can CHANGE how you interpret events.

Particularly all the ones that already exist in your mind.

All your memories.

Change how you reference your past, and you will have a PROFOUND impact on your frame, your confidence, and your game.

Learn How:


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