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Some of the best conversations I've had didn't include words.

One was when I was haggling with a street vendor in Thailand.

It was some kind of souvenir.

A carved elephant or something.

But what made the conversation so memorable was that the woman selling the items was deaf.

But she was VERY animated in her haggling.

We relied on a calculator to back and forth on price.

She wanted a higher price, I wanted a lower price.

The conversation lasted twenty minutes, and was very enjoyable.

Another interesting conversation I had was in an okonomiyaki-ya in Hiroshima.

Kind of like at Benihana, where different people share the same cooking space.

It was a Friday night and there was a drunken Japanese businessman a few seats to my right.

He'd heard me use some basic Japanese with the cook, and assumed I was fluent.

So he went off on a drunken happy rant about something.

I had NO idea what he was saying.

But since I focused on his body language, it was pretty easy to inject the right grunts and nods in the appropriate places.

Another conversation I had was in Scotland. 

I'd just gotten off the train at Glasgow.

Was meeting my buddies in a couple days.

But I had no idea where the cheap hotels were.

Some old guy saw me, and offered to walk me to the street where all the flophouses were.

But on the way, he started telling me a story.

Only his accent was thick, I had ZERO idea what he was saying.

Imagine a drunken Sean Connery with a mouthful of marbles.

I just nodded and smiled and grunted in the appropriate places.

Funny thing about being in foreign countries where you don't speak the language.

For me, there was three distinct phases.

The first is the terror phase.

I'm locked out, I can't understand anybody and nobody can understand me.

Next is the "breaking the ice stage," where you can kind of figure out how to get your point across, using gestures and facial expressions AND certain location elements, like signs or menu items.

The third phase is the BEST part.

Where you realize you DON'T NEED words.

This is where REAL communication lives.

Beneath the words.

I've had friends in both Korea and Japan who spoke very LITTLE of the language, yet had very rewarding romantic relationships with NON English speakers.

Once you get rid of your dependence on words, you'll find access to a level FAR TOO RICH for words to even describe.

Not only do few people KNOW about this level of communication, but fewer still know that with some daily exercises, you can PROJECT massive amounts of strength, power, and leadership on this level.

That will be subconsciously picked up by EVERYBODY.

Learn How:


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