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For a while there's been a kind of myth around the world of PUA and seduction.

More of an improperly calibrated metaphor.

The "myth" or the "metaphor" is that once you get to a certain level of "game" you have access to some kind of "secret society."

Where the rules are different than for normal people.

That once a lady sees you, and realizes that you are part of this "secret seduction society," then it's straight to the bedroom.

Now, this is one way to describe this.

But it's ONLY a description.

Most descriptions are metaphors.

In fact, unless a description is filled with equations, it IS a metaphor.

For example, consider the sentence, "fall in love."

Love is a metaphor.

An intangible noun.

If we were to describe with scientific accuracy, we'd have to understand all the chemical and hormonal and mental processes associated with it.

We might "better" describe the process of "falling in love" as a human mating strategy that creates a strong and long attraction between two people to ensure any offspring have the best chance of survival.

An ancient, instinctive, and mostly SUBCONSCIOUS process.

That's why we "fall" in love.

Since it happens OUTSIDE of our conscious awareness, we think it is some kind of mysterious thing.

This same word, "fall" also is used to described when we get sick.

We "fall" ill.

It happens OUTSIDE of our conscious awareness.

Now, back to the "secret society" idea.

Why does it APPEAR that high level seducers and attractive women somehow "recognize" each other as being members of secret society?

Because that's what it looks like.

Two people who don't know each other, but get REALLY close, REALLY quick.

They become very FRIENDLY with each other, very quickly.

The EXACT same thing would happen between two seventy year old dudes who realized they were part of the same fraternity many, many years ago.

Two strangers meet, and BAM!

Best friends.

Outside, the two look the same.

But inside, they are VERY different.

For the REAL secret society, or old frat brothers, there is a common tie to an EXTERNAL organization.

But what about the top level seducers?

A women sees a guy, who has a certain set of traits that few other guys have.

The guy sees the woman, and see's she's WAY hotter than all the other girls.

They both WANT each other, but they don't KNOW each other.

This is really a very ACCELERATED version of what happens normally.

Meet people, slowly become friends, or lovers, etc.

Now, everybody knows which girls are hot and which ones aren't.

But what is the trait of MEN that make them stand out?

Their deep confidence, self assurance, and frame.

How can you DEVELOP this?

Learn How Here:


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