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One of the curious functions of our brain is our post event rationalization.

Neurologists who study these kinds of things say that our brain can be described as "post event storytelling device."

Meaning that our conscious, rational brains are more watchers than choosers.

Sure, we CAN think rationally and logically.

Otherwise we couldn't build things or plan things or figure out science.

But if you are like most people, thinking rationally and logically is hard work.

That's why algebra class is HARD.

If you've ever taken a class in formal logic, it's even HARDER.

It takes a LOT of brainpower.

It's like our bodies.

Most of the time, our bodies are relaxed.

Sure, we CAN do extraordinary feats of strength and endurance, but usually we need a good reason.

Like we're being chased by a tiger or somebody is paying us a lot.

For example, I saw a game show where they had a truck set up in the bottom of a pool.

Inside the truck were gold bricks.

One couple (man and woman) vs. another couple.

The contest to see which team could swim down, and carry up more bricks of gold.

After only a few minutes, EVERYBODY was exhausted.

And guess what?

Our brains use more calories, per gram, than any other body part.

So thinking logically and rationally IS LITERALLY hard work.

Whenever we FORCE our brains to think logically and rationally, it's like swimming underwater while carrying bricks of gold.

This is why MOST of the time, our brains are relaxed.

Our conscious, rational minds is WATCHING things happen.

Our massive collection of instincts, both programmed and learned, are doing most of the work.

This is why it is so easy to get OUT FRAMED.

It works like this.

You are cruising along in some kind of social situation.

Your brain is WATCHING things happen.

So far, so good.

In this situation, we believe we are "maintaining the frame."

Then something unexpected happens.

Something that our instincts (either programmed or learned) don't know what to do.

So we "lose" the frame.

Metaphorically, this would be out on what you THINK is a relaxing bike ride in your neighborhood.

Then all of a sudden you're going up hill.

And your body says, "SCREW THIS!" and you turn around.

This is essentially what happens when you get outframed.

You get outframed by other people.

And you get outframed by situations or environments.

Like when you go to the supermarket, thinking you're going to buy something healthy, but end up buying a bunch of frozen burritos.

But guess what?

Just like you can specifically TRAIN YOUR BODY to go up bigger and bigger hills, you can TRAIN YOUR BRAIN to handle bigger and bigger frames.

So you NEVER get outframed again.

Learn How:


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