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The Disastrous Learning Myth


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One very common, and very dangerous fallacy is the "set and forget" idea.

This is possible in some areas, but not others.

For example, you learn to tie your shoes and you're done.

A few rounds of trial and error, figure it out and you're good.

Riding a bike, driving a car, making a peanut butter sandwich.

All these are skill that are EASY to put into the level of unconscious competence.

But many other skills are not so easy.

Cooking, for example, you can continue to learn as long as you live.

There are nearly infinite dishes you can make.

Each one will have it's own learning curve.

Music is similar.

Compared to learning how to make a sandwich, it takes much longer to learn to read music and play competently.

This is just the beginning.

Once you can recognize the squiggly lines on the paper, and match it to the sounds and rhythm on the piano, it's just the beginning.

Every new piece of music will have it's own learning curve.

What does cooking and playing the piano have in common?

It's YOU and the stuff you are operating on.

There is ZERO possibility that you can have "set and forget" cooking skills.

Where you don't ever want to LEARN MORE.

If cooking is a hobby, you will always want to learn  more.

If playing any kind of instrument is a hobby, you will always want to learn more.

Even exercise is the same.

You will NEVER get to the point where you are in shape, and think you're done.

Even the idea is too silly to talk about.

Of getting to a certain "point" of being in shape, and having that being a PERMANENT condition.

Where you NEVER need to exercise again.

All three of these things, cooking, music, athletics, is ONLY you.

You and some equipment, or raw materials.

This is why the next level of "set and forget" is about a billion times more silly and ridiculous.

Any kind of interactivity with other humans will ALWAYS require learning.

Real learning, (not memorizing a bunch of stuff) REQUIRES feedback.

Even relationships between masters and apprentices were YEARS.

A young kid learning from a blacksmith.

All learning requires trial and error.

Trial and error REQUIRES error.

Error IS, by definition, failure.

Because most humans are TERRIFIED of failure, we LOVE the idea of set and forget learning.

But that's good.


Because if you can embrace learning, slow, continuous, life long learning, you will gain and advantage over many of the scared and lazy people today.

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