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The Best Salesman Ever


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Once I was looking to buy something.

Something that I could only find from some woman a couple of cities over.

We talked on the phone, and negotiated a price.

I went to her place, cash in hand, but she started to get cold feet.

Even though she hadn't used it in years, she was worried that as soon as she got rid of it, she would want it, need it, and not have it.

I understood her concerns.

She was still the owner, and she was within her rights to change her mind.

But for some reason, I decided I wasn't going to go home without the item.

I didn't get angry, I didn't use any sales techniques or objection overcoming strategies.

I simply removed EVERYTHING from my brain expect the imagination of a happy transaction.

My face was as plain as I could make it.

I listened to her explain why she was having second thoughts.

But I didn't respond.

Just kept looking at her, waiting for her to decide.

Now, this is a memory of a thing that happened nearly twenty years ago.

Which means it could be heavily influenced by hindsight bias.

But I distinctively remember HOLDING that thought, while she wavered.

I remember noticing this thought was MUCH DIFFERENT than a wish or a hope.

It was a kind of knowing that something GOOD was about to happen.

Not just for me, but for both of us.

A minute or so later, she smiled, got the thing, I gave her the money and we were both happy.

Long time ago I sold insurance.

I went to a training by one of the top agents in the local area.

This top agent was an ex-cop.

Had spent plenty of time in the interrogation room with hardened criminals.

Thieves, murderers, rapists, etc.

By lucky accident, I was sitting very near the front.

This guy had such a STRONG intention, you could feel it just looking at him.

Both these events are a DESCRIPTION of having a strong frame.

A frame that includes the meaning of the conversation.

It was very EASY to tell exactly how and why this guy could sell so much insurance.

Why does this thing called "frame" even exist?

Conscious language and thought is a very recent invention.

Beneath is exists MILLIONS of years of non-verbal communication.

With a strong enough frame, you can convince everybody of anything.

I have zero doubt that the ex-cop insurance salesman didn't need to worry ONE BIT about the words he used.

That guy would only need to sit across from you at YOUR kitchen table.

Describe the policy, explain the costs and benefits, and then look at you and say:

"What do you think? I think this is a good idea."

With a strong enough frame, you can dominate anybody and any situation.

Learn How:


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