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This place where I used to live had an arm wrestling stand set up near the main station.

It was just a tallish table, with a couple of slots for people to put their elbows in.

It was only up during the summer.

Where guys could stop and compete on their way home from drinking in the pubs around the station.

On the other hand, they also have professional arm wrestlers.

People spend their career getting stronger and stronger for arm wrestling competitions.

Most of us, however, only arm wrestle under certain scenarios.

A lot of physical contests are like this.

We compete once in a while.

But at the same time, there are plenty of niche sports where people compete for a living.

Plenty of sports based game shows, etc.

You'll find this same thing in public speaking.

Most of us are terrified of public speaking.

Some people are pretty good at public speaking, so they have jobs or careers around this skill.

But some people compete based on public speaking.

Usually in debates, but sometimes in single speeches.

But for those who really want to clean up, they have jobs that are based on their public speaking performance, like sales jobs, etc.

But they also PRACTICE public speaking techniques.

Even rarer are people who realize that public speaking is a very useful skill in general, so they practice it.

Sure, it's one thing to practice public speaking because it's a hobby.

But to practice this because you can consciously earn more money is a pretty rare thing.

Even rarer are general personality traits.

The only people that tend to practice these are guys who practice game.

To develop interpersonal confidence and communication skills so you can get more sex.

That makes sense.

At least to some people.

To the general, mainstream population, practicing any kind of "pick up" technique to get more sex would be perceived as kind of creepy.

But there are much deeper skills.

Much more powerful skills.

More than contextual confidence.

Even deeper than confidence itself.

These are things that most people don't even know about.

Let alone know how to practice.

This involves the MEANING of things.

The meaning of conversations.

The meaning of reality.

It turns out the meaning of most everything is really up to interpretation.

Most people don't even consider this.

Most people just show up and accept the general consensus.

But when you realize just how flexible meaning is?

Not only will you gain a lot more control, but you can do so covertly.

This will give you an enormous amount of power.

Learn How:


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