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Getting what you want from others is one of the prime directives of life.

When you're a kid, the name of the game is getting stuff from your parents.

Then later, it's getting stuff from your teachers.

Not necessarily stuff FROM them, but to avoid getting stuff from there.

You might say that a meta description of this is getting people to BEHAVE the way you want.

To give you stuff, or to leave you alone.

Listen to ANYBODY talk about the "state" of the world, and you'll find two very common themes.

One is it's EXTREMELY easy to find flaws with the world.

Anybody can do that.

Everybody DOES that.

It seems to be one of our most powerful human instincts.

But the solution is equally silly.

Listen carefully to the META structure of everybody's solution, and it's the same.

Regardless of the problem state, the solution state is simple.

That other people shouldn't do what they are doing.

Or they should do what they aren't doing.

Everybody's solution to every problem they have is to somehow CHANGE the behavior of other people.

At it's core, every single complaint, and solution, is of the following form:

"Life sucks because those other people aren't doing what I think they should be doing that."

To the extent people can get together and agree, that's about the best we can do.

This is the most common example of "misery loves company" you'll find.

What's next?

To sit around and complain and wait for SOMEBODY ELSE to fix things?

That works sometimes, but it's not such a great strategy.

You are essentially putting your entire life in the hands of people you don't know.

Sure, you might believe they SHOULD fix things.

That maybe they'd promised they'd fix things.

That you have a RIGHT to sit around and complain and wait for THEM to fix things.

And sure, you might get lucky.

They might, in fact, fix things and YOUR LIFE might get better as a result.

On the other hand, you COULD take things into your own hands.

Most people see the world as a CAUSE and themselves as an effect.

But you can switch this common mindset.

You can slowly become CAUSE, with the world as an effect.

Well, not literally the world.

You won't exactly be able to use your mind power to change the orbit of the Earth!

But you can become more and more of a CAUSE to the people you interact with.

All it takes is one small shift in this direction, and you'll find TONS of power.

Then you'll rise above the common mindset and see how just powerful you can be.

Learn How:


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