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All animals, including humans, are driven by instincts.

William James, an old school psychologist from 100 years ago said humans have tons of instincts and tons of learning capability.

Consider that these CAN be the same.

One reason for our "self awareness" is we can use it to learn new instincts.

To learn new things to the point of unconscious competence.

Normally, when we talk about learning things to this point, we say things like "learning by heart."

Or learning them until they become "second nature."

That term, "second nature" is very instructive.

There is our "first nature," or our programmed instincts.

We get hungry, we get horny, we jump when we see a cockroach or a spider.

Or we have our "second nature."

The things we PROGRAM into ourselves, that we no longer need to think about.

If you sneak up behind a black belt and try to choke him out, he or she WON'T need to consciously think to put you on the floor.

This is ONE of the main benefits of our conscious, self aware minds.

We can LEARN any new "instinct" that we want.

Most people don't.

Most people are content to let others do their thinking for them.

This is our "first nature."

To find any kind of authority figure when we are in trouble.

To figure out what to do.

But what about those people who GIVE the orders?

For most of them, that is THEIR "first nature."

Some people are natural authority figures.

They naturally gravitate towards positions of power.

You put any group of people together, and somebody WILL hold that position.

We humans are primates.

We CANNOT not organize into a hierarchy.

Most of the time, this is done unconsciously.

From a "first nature" perspective.

When we think about learning anything from a "second nature" perspective, we think in terms of specific skills.

Programming, boxing, other sports or music.

But the truth is that you CAN learn pretty much ANYTHING to the point of being second nature.

You just need to figure out what to practice.

For most people, even THIS is something they leave up to others.

They go to school, and learn what they are TOLD.

They get a job, and learn to do what they are TOLD.

This is "second nature" learning, but through a "first nature" frame.

You don't HAVE to learn this way.

Sure, for most people, this is enough.

But you CAN learn META skills.

Like how to RADIATE authority.

How to BE the authority in more and more cases.

This is a muscle, like any other muscle.

The more you strengthen this AUTHORITY muscle, the stronger it will get.

Learn How:


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