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A very common communication anxiety is what to say.

You are going into a job interview, so you practice what to say.

You want to walk across the room and talk to somebody interesting, and you wonder what to say.

You've got a number, and you want to call, or text, and you wonder what to say.

On the other hand, some people can get away with saying pretty much anything.

When we focus only on the words, we miss a LOT of what's going on.

In fact, words are only the surface level of much deeper communication that is going on all the time.

This is why poker players wear dark glasses and practice not showing ANY kind of facial expressions.

It's also why A list actors can be so convincing when the words they are saying a VERY common.

It's very possible to get the job, get the girl, get the girl to come to your place with MINIMUM words.

How so?

A common "truism" in self help areas is that "You'll see it when you believe it."

This kind of makes sense, but it's not very helpful.

Sure, if you believe you are an attractive person, you'll behave in attractive ways.

And that behavior will attract positive attraction from others.

But most people completely misunderstand this goofy truism.

Even the goofs spouting it.

They say, "If you believe it, you'll see it!"

But they really only PRETEND to believe it.

In reality, this "pretend believing" is more like wishing.

If you know anybody who stands in front of the mirror saying a whole bunch of affirmations with strong, but fake, emotions, this is what they are doing.

They are pretending very much that they believe what they are saying.

Pretend beliefs won't do squat.

Because pretend beliefs are the SAME as wishing.

If you walk down the street PRETENDING you are attractive, you are really just wishing.

This gives off very strange energy.

But that statement IS true.

It's that the "belief" in the statement, "if believe it, then you'll see it," MUST be genuine belief.

Not pretend belief.

How do you GET genuine belief?

There are two ways.

Nearly EVERYBODY has genuine beliefs because of the luck of their situation.

Maybe they had good parents.

Maybe they got lucky and had a string of positive relationships.

Maybe they got lucky and had a few REALLY GOOD teachers in elementary school.

Good teachers who filled their heads with positive beliefs.

When their brains were still young and programmable.

But for the rest of us, what do WE do?

Practice, that's what.

Turns out that your beliefs, and your frame that carries those beliefs are JUST LIKE muscles.

The more you exercise them, the stronger they'll get.

Learn How:


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