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We humans LOVE giving advice.

It's so obvious what's wrong with people.

If they would ONLY listen to us, all their problems would be solved.

Unfortunately, we aren't Vulcans, or angels, or robots.

We are primates that learned to talk.

In the long scheme of things, we've only been talking, self-aware primates for a small span of time.

What does this mean?

This means our INSTINCTS do most of our thinking.

It's very, very EASY to tell somebody what to do to lose weight, for example.

"Hey, if you want to lose a few pounds, maybe you shouldn't eat so much?"

This may seem silly, but most of our advice is JUST as useless as this.

We say things like this AS IF we believe they've never considered this.

As if the mysteries of weight loss are far beyond their comprehension.

And they need us, super genius humans, to swoop in and explain the secrets of the universe to them.

Another example is somebody who is in an unhealthy relationships.

"Hey, don't you think it might be a good idea to break up with them?"

As if they NEVER considered such genius level advice.

Or maybe if somebody was on the verge of getting fired from their job, since they were always late.

"Hey, I have an idea. Why don't you wake up an hour earlier?"

Or perhaps you've got a friend who's got at test coming up and they need to study to not fail.

"You know, it's much better to study a little bit every day, rather than wait to the end."

Why do we think this OBVIOUS advice is helpful?

Consider that we don't ACTUALLY believe this is something that they DON'T know.

Then why do we "give" them this "advice?"

Because it's not really advice.

It's really a type of signaling.

We are telling them that WE are better than them.

That we KNOW things they don't.

This doesn't make sense logically, but it does instinctively.

As mentioned before, humans are PRIMATES.

And to all primates, hierarchy is EVERYTHING.

Consider one instinct that is always on, and deeply subconscious, is the never ending desire to TELL OTHERS what's what.

In all these examples (weight loss, relationships, work issues, study issues), THEY were in a bad way.

So by giving them advice, so they won't be in a bad way, we are talking down to them.

The PRESUPPOSITION to all this advice is:

"You are doing it WRONG.

If you were more like ME, you wouldn't be so messed up.

Because I know things that you don't!"

This is why we all HATE receiving advice, but LOVE giving it.

Luckily, there is a much better way.

A way to actually HELP others.

A way to "give" them advice so NOBODY thinks it is advice.

Which means they'll take it, act on it, and actually get better.

Learn How:


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