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I've lived in, and have been to, plenty of countries where few people speak English.

The first few times was pretty scary.

It's one thing to be a tourist, and go to tourist places that are expecting you to not speak the local language.

But if you're going to some neighborhood grocery store to buy something to eat, unexpected communication requires a lot of thinking.

Two things that don't normally go together.

Especially when they say something you don't understand, yet they are looking at you with a friendly, pleasant face and expect an answer.

No matter how smart you think you are, this will make you feel like an idiot.

Once I got over my initial fears of communicating, something else REALLY COOL happened.

I started to notice the absolute MASSIVE amount of non-verbal communication.

Whenever we talk to people in our native language, we RARELY pay attention to body language.

When we are with our friends, we are relaxed.

So we don't pay attention to the words OR the body language.

When we are talking to somebody new, we pay ALL our attention to the words.

But when you surround yourself with people speaking a language you can't understand, there is ONLY non-verbal communication.

And guess what?

Once you get over any anxieties you may have, speaking ONLY with gestures and other non-verbal communication is ALMOST enough.

I've gotten directions, given specific instructions to barbers, and even had a conversation with a doctor while he was removing a cyst.

All through gestures and other non-verbal body language.

Most people will never truly experience, at least consciously, the VAST AMOUNT of potential of non-verbal communication.

Being in a foreign country, surrounded by non-English speakers FORCES you to communicate through body language.

But there are plenty of ways to practice this right where you are.

It's like practicing anything else.

It takes conscious effort, but it's worth it.

Just a few minutes a day.

And once you see how much information is being passed back and forth, it's like having access to an ENTIRE world of data.

If you can consciously communicate in this language, when everybody else is doing it subconsciously and haphazardly?

You'll be like the one-eyed guy who is KING in the land of the blind.

And since you will be communicating on a level much more powerful than words, the words you do use won't matter nearly as much.

Whatever you decide to talk about will be perceived as magnificent.

Filled with charisma and magnetic attraction.

Learn How:


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