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Why do we humans love stories so much?

Not just stories, but storytellers?

Maybe because they move us through some very powerful and enjoyable emotions.

Way back in ancient Greece, they discovered the idea of Catharsis.

Of being able to experience non-normal emotions, without having to experience the real and dangerous events that normally produce those emotions.

Way back when they first started showing silent movies people were AMAZED.

They actually believed that trains were going to come out of the screen.

Today, that seems silly, but back then, when the technology was new, it must have been terrifying.

Every since the dawn of time, we've been telling each other stories.

Since this happens in EVERY culture and has been, it must be a human instinct.

So the question is, what does this instinct get us?

Instincts only are "kept" if they provide us with some kind of a benefit.

So, what would be the benefit of storytelling, and story listening?

One way to think about this would be to do a split test.

Imagine two tribes of people.

One with a storytelling instinct, one without one.

Right off the bat we can think of TONS of benefits.

When any of the non-storytelling hunters went out, all they would have in their brain is their own experiences, both good and bad.

The successes, the failure, the deaths they've witnessed.

On the other hand, consider the storytelling tribe.

What would THEY have in their brain?

Epic tales of heroes killing monsters.

Of destroying the villain and winning the heart and love of the young gorgeous princess.

Or however they thought of "princesses" back in the days of cave people.

Another way to think of storytelling is as a way to implant post hypnotic suggestions.

A guy is out hunting, perhaps not seeing anything worth killing.

Then he sees a big lumbering wooly mammoth.

A non-storytelling caveman would see that, and INSTANTLY imagine both the good and the bad.

But a storytelling caveman?

Since his head had been filled with epic hero stories, he would IMMEDIATELY see this "monster" as an opportunity of a LIFETIME.

If could manage to kill this monster, he would be a HERO.

All the dudes would respect and admire him.

All the ladies would LOVE him.

Two different situations.

One guy's head filled with harsh life experiences.

The other guy's head filled with epic heroic sagas of good guys, bad guys, brave heroes and grateful followers.

This INSTINCT lives in all our heads.

It has since the dawn of time.

And it will continue to do so FAR into the future, far beyond what we can possibly imagine.

Master this skill, and you will master everything.

Learn How:


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