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You'll find feedback loops everywhere.

Most of them are hard to predict.

More of a general structure.

The bigger the system is, the harder it is to predict.

Like weather patterns, for example.

A huge system with inter-dependent variables.

One gigantic feedback system.

Impossible to predict.

This is why they can only give percentages when talking about rain.

But from inside your own head?

It's easy.

Since you don't NEED to predict anything.

You just need to have a direction.

Not even a clear destination, only a direction.

For example, imagine you have a phone sales job.

You call warm leads, and try to sell them a product.

There is no possible way you can possibly know BEFOREHAND what particular strategies will work, and which won't.

But so long as you a DIRECTIONAL goal, each interaction will help you get there.

For phone sales, the directional goal would be more conversations.

1% one week.

2% the next week.

4% the next week.

This is, in a nutshell, the reason why HUMANS took over the planet.

We had a CONSCIOUS idea of what we wanted.

More food, more safety, more sex.

And as we kept trying to get those things, we developed a long memory.

A memory of what worked, and a memory of what didn't.

One way to look at our self awareness is as a SELF COACHING system.

A way to keep practicing until you develop new skills to the point of unconscious competence.

Or NEW instincts.

So long as you spend just a little bit of time practicing every day, you'll continue to get better.

Nowadays, people have a LOT of downtime.

Most of them are spending it watching Netflix or whatever else is on TV.

But what happens if you spend just a LITTLE bit of time increasing your skills?

Or learning new skills?

Another reason why have such big brains is that's essentially what we did.

Back in the old days when all we had was stories to tell, to listen to, or stare into the fire.

What did we do when we stared into the fire?

We kept playing and re-playing the previous events over and over and over.

Thinking of ways we COULD have done things differently.

Trying to use our fast growing brains to IMAGINE doing things differently.

Of mentally practicing those things until we woke up the next day, and got back in the game.

Those that were the MOST successful at this ended up conquering the entire earth.

Today is no different.

Learn skills.

Practice skills.

Mentally rehearse for when you get back in the game.

And CONQUER the Earth.

Learn How:


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