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There's a famous joke about a plumber.

Guy has a flooded basement, so he calls the plumber.

The plumber spends an hour in the guy's basement, but only looking around.

Finally, he twists one connection, and it stops the leak.

He charged the guy $500.

The homeowner is a little upset.

"$500? You only tightened on thing!" he says.

"The $500 is not for the tightening. It's knowing WHERE to tighten," he replies.

The opposite can happen too.

You're in a conversation with somebody.

You toss out a remark, you hope it will be funny.

But instead, they storm off, angry.

"What'd I say?" you ask.

What WHAT to say is critical.

Knowing what NOT to say is equally critical.

For some people, this is just like the plumber.

You can pay close attention to people talk for an HOUR.

And then you make one comment, or ask one questions, and they feel FANTASTIC.

This can be as important as remembering something they said earlier.

Something they thought was important, but nobody else seemed to notice.

This requires you get OUT of your head, and pay attention to the MASSIVE flow of non-verbal, mostly subconscious communication.

Doing this in the abstract can be difficult.

But you can make it much easier.

Like the plumber.


Just like the plumber knew ALL about flows and pressure, and where weaknesses in the system might be, you can understand human nature.

Understanding the very basics of human nature will make reading the subtext of ANY conversation much easier.

Even better is you don't really need to pay attention to the words.

Or only the words that are accompanied with the right emotional energy.

If you ONLY pay attention to the words, like most people do, you'll miss out A TON of information.

If you ONLY pay attention to the words, you risk the unexpected angry storm off.

With you wondering what just happened.

But when you understand human nature, you'll begin to SEE, in real time, all the subconscious energy flow back and forth.

This will give you a HUGE advantage of knowing what to say, how to say it, when to say it.

When most people get hung up on conversations, they get stuck on the WORDS.

But with the right underlying structure, ANY words will do.

Wonderful words with the wrong energetic structure beneath them will miss their mark.

But even the SIMPLEST words on top of beautiful structure will win EVERYBODY's hearts.

Learn How:


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