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How To Go Crazy With Their Emotions


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I used to work at this place where we had a Friday food contest.

It started with the regular donuts on Friday.

Like in many offices, everybody would take turns bringing in donuts.

Sometimes people would bring in bagels.

But somehow, this ended up in a competition.

Everybody tried to outdo the previous weeks' offering.

Breakfast sandwiches, various homemade ethnic food.

One guy brought in his famous chili.

Gotta admit, it was pretty tasty.

He couldn't wait to tell us his secret recipe.

One of the things about chili fans is that EVERYBODY has their own secret recipe.

Plenty of cities have chili cook-offs.

Food is kind of cool that way.

You start off with five or six basic ingredients, and you can create some FANTASTIC dishes.

Plenty of YouTube recipes are like that.

They advertise how SIMPLE the food is.

The fewer ingredients there are, the easier it is to make.

In a funny way, people are the same way.

No, not to eat.

We aren't talking about a cannibal party!

But there are only a few things that drive our behavior.

A little of this, a bit of that.

We all have very similar desires.

We all want more money, more sex, better relationships, a better job, a better place to live.

We all have the same fears.

Fear of getting left behind, fear of missing out, fear of negative social treatment, fear of messing up hugely and publicly.

These fears and desires motivate all our behaviors.

But unlike a pot of delicious chili, it's pretty EASY to help others feel better.

For example, if you were to add some Tabasco sauce to your chili, you COULD add too much.

Or salt, or whatever else.

For food, the ratios have to be JUST RIGHT.

Like Goldilocks.

But for people, the MORE we feel our desires, the BETTER.

This makes it very EASY to move people.

How, specifically, can you do that?

If you are in sales, it can be difficult.

Elicit their criteria, expand their criteria, leverage their criteria.

This can work, but ONLY if you have what they want.

But for general mood boosting, it's much EASIER.

Just talk to people like you normally do.

Tell stories and anecdotes like you normally do.

Whatever stories and experiences ALREADY exist in your head are fine.

But when you slightly change the STRUCTURE, magic will happen.

When you change the structure so they resonate with their deeper desires, they will feel FANTASTIC.

How can you use this?

Sales, seduction, persuasion, or just making people feel better when they talk with you.

Learn How:


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