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It's hard to communicate without using metaphors.

Words themselves are metaphors.

Auditory representations of mental pictures.

One simple description can mean many things to many people.

If I say:

"Yesterday I saw a cute girl in the park with her dog."

This sounds very specific.

But every person who reads that will have a different idea of what each tangible nouns looks like.

Even the ones that aren't mentioned.

You'll imagine a pretty girl.

You'll imagine a dog.

You'll imagine a park.

But each one of those have TONS of accompanying nouns.

What kind of dog?

Big, small?

On a leash, running free?

What does the cute girl look like?

Young, old?

Brown hair, blond?

What kind of park?

Green grass, barbecues, basketball courts?

That one simple sentence conjures up TONS of mental images.

Conscious and unconscious.

According to those who study things like anthropology and history, this is the ONE THING we humans have that other animals don't.

We can convey MASSIVELY COMPLEX pictures to one another with only a few sounds.

Or even a few squiggly lines that we've learned as children.

A few pixels on a screen that conjure up rich images.

Even better, is we can come up with ideas, or ideas about things, that DON'T exist yet.

And talk about these, and then make them real.

This is what Napoleon Hill meant when he talked about turning thoughts into things.

Sure it takes work, and effort, and trial and error.

But everything that exists now was once a thought.

All the good things, all the bad things, and everything in between.

Even better is you can create emotions in others.

Specific emotions.

Specific chains of emotions.

Take people from being bored to being excited.

Take people from feeling afraid to feeling safe and happy.

Take people from being ambivalent to feeling extremely attracted and affectionate.

All with words.

Of course, not just ANY words will do.

If you picked a six or seven random words and tried them out, the response would be:

Um, what?

But there IS a specific STRUCTURE you can learn to create specific emotional responses.

And yes, it does take time to learn this skill.

But this is potentially one of the most LUCRATIVE and POWERFUL skills you can develop.

This is the SAME SKILL that have moved people from poverty to massive riches.

Understand human nature.

Understand the human condition.

Understand what people tend to feel normally.

Understand how people really WANT to feel.

And move them there with your words.

Do this, and the world will love, respect and admire you.

And pay you.

A lot.

Learn How:


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