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One of the curious things about being human is we think we are logical.

We all believe we make logical choices and decisions.

And those who disagree with us are NOT logical.

They are irrational, emotional, crazy, etc.

But according to most psychological and neurological research, our conscious brains are NOT in charge most of the time.

This is the basic idea behind Cialdini's research.

Cialdini is the guy who came up with the idea of Authority, Social Proof, Scarcity, etc.

And through his research, and plenty of the research he references in his books, most of the reasons we do things are OUTSIDE of our conscious awareness.

This creates the MYTH that persuasion is an art form.

Cialdini, however, showed how it is a SCIENCE.

If you know what factors influence somebody, you can significantly increase how effectively you can advertise.

You can also significantly DECREASE how much advertisers take advantage of us.

One of the presuppositions of Game Theory is that we ALWAYS behave rationally.

Right off the bat this sounds like a contradiction.

But what this means is that we behave rationally but based on our OWN subjective values and beliefs.

Many of which live in our unconscious.

For example, there you are standing at the buffet.

You're STARVING and in a good mood since you are about to EAT.

You look at all the choices.

The INPUTS are purely subjective.

But how those INPUTS are compared is PURE LOGIC.

On circuit boards, they have these things called OR Gates.

Two inputs, one output.

The inputs are either 0 or 1. 


If either one is 1, then the output is one.

If neither is 1 (both are zero) the output is zero.

This is how our brain works.

Only the inputs are the STRENGTHS of our subconscious and subjective desires.

Even when we do things because we "feel like it" a logical circuit in our brain has triggered us to action.

All things considered, doing that "thing" gave us a STRONGER feeling than NOT doing that "thing."

From the outside in, it looks like EVERYBODY is an illogical, irrational lunatic.

But from inside our own brains, for our own reasons, we are VERY LOGICAL.

This is where it gets pretty cool.

First, you start with the ideas of Cialdini.

The EXTERNAL reasons why we do things.

Then you understand the basics of human nature.

That is, our instincts that DRIVE our behaviors.

If you combine these two, what do you get?

An understanding of the INTERNAL and EXTERNAL drivers of all human behavior.

Not only will you be able to UNDERSTAND human behavior, but you'll be able to PREDICT it.

And even MANAGE and GUIDE it.

Wherever, however, and with WHOMEVER you want.

Learn How:


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