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How To Leverage The Drug Instinct


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There are two "best case" scenarios or outcomes if you are proficient salesperson.

One is to eventually start your own company.

This is risky, but it can come with massive rewards.

The guys who invented the Go-Pro camera, essentially a camera on a stick, are ultra rich.

But in order to make Go-Pro cash, you've got get Go-Pro lucky.

You've got to go through a ton of risk, rejection, years of trial and hustle error, all without a guarantee success.

So being very good in sales is really just an entry ticket.

What's the other "best case" for the salesperson?

Selling from the stage.

This does require a few risks.

But these are not REAL risks.

If you start a business, you risk REAL money.

But selling from the stage is like public speaking.

The risks are imaginary.

The costs are zero, or minimal at best.

Consider two different professional speakers.

One demands a huge payment.

The other will speak for free, and will only receive commissions.

Commissions from back of the room sales.

The kind where when you finish your speech, people RUSH to buy whatever is in the back of the room.

This kind of skill is in HUGE demand.

This kind if skill IS ALWAYS and WILL ALWAYS be in huge demand.

Selling expensive home study courses.

Selling elite memberships to rich people.

Getting people at a free seminar to sign up for a weekend seminar.

Do this and you can work ONLY when you want.

And get paid five figures each time.

How can you get to this level?

Well the public speaking part is easy.

At least from an intellectual standpoint.

Hit up your local toastmasters, and KEEP hitting it up until it's easy and fun.

Which it WILL be.

Once you get over the very common fear of public speaking, public speaking is like a DRUG.

Standing up in front of people and talking is a VERY POWERFUL human instinct.

This is the same instinct that makes power corrupt and absolute power corrupt absolutely.

Just the IDEA of speaking to a crowd and motivating them is compelling.

Just this skill alone, of feeling comfortable in front of a crowd, is worth a ton of money.

But to take it to the next level, you'll need a big more.

The ability to move people's emotions.

The ability to drive people to action.

And here's the best part.

Once you can do this for ONE type of market, you can do this for EVERY MARKET.

Because the STRUCTURE is the same.

Which means once you get the structure down, you can wrap it around any content you want.

Don't want to sell from the stage?

No problem.

Any time you want to talk, and move people (or a special person) this structure will do the trick.

Learn More:


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