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Humans love to dream.

Everything that exists today was once an imagination in somebody's head.

Napoleon Hill talked about turning "thoughts into things."

This idea is absolutely true, but unfortunately a little bit misunderstood.

Yes, every single thing was once an imagination before it was real thing.

Tables, chairs, basketballs, planes, telephones, racquetball courts, etc.

Bees, ants, beavers keep building the same thing over and over.

Humans are similarly programmed.

Only we don't build the same things over and over.

We slowly and continuously IMPROVE what's all around us.

Here's where it gets a bit complex.

Yes, "we" turn thoughts into things.

Yes, everything was once a thought in "somebody's head.

But this has always been a competition.

EVERYBODY can dream about stuff that doesn't yet exist.

But very few people can actually TURN those dreams into reality.

This is basic economics.

Everybody has a plan for a building downtown.

They all pitch their idea to the city developers.

Only ONE idea will be chosen.

Since the DAWN OF TIME, every dude laid awake at night dreaming about how to BETTER acquire needed resources.

The winner of the daily productivity contest got the most social validation, and the most sex.

This is STILL true today.

Musicians, artists, business people all DREAM of how to become the BEST at what they do.

The rewards are still the same.

More social validation, more money and of course, more SEX.

This is the deep DREAM of every breathing human.

If you can create something MAGNIFICENT, you will become famous.

You will get paid.

You will GET LAID.

However, this is a crowded market place.

There are the very few people who are actually on the front lines of creation.

For example, for every A+ list actor, there are THOUSANDS willing to do ANYTHING just to get a few seconds on screen.

People are SO desperate for Hollywood fame, they'd rather be in PORNO's than go home a failure.

Here's a seemingly unrelated tidbit.

During the gold rush, (1849) the people that got the RICHEST were not the diggers of gold.

They were the sellers of gold digging equipment.

Shovels, pickaxes, etc.

Even Levi-Straus, the famous blue jean company, got their start selling special gold digging denim.

What's this got to do with anything?

Step one is to realize that EVERYBODY has a deep and relentless dreaming brain.

Everybody has the never ending fantasy of doing SOMETHING, and then becoming rich and famous.

You can COMPETE with them.

Or you can leverage this information to CAPTURE their imaginations.

To capture and lead their emotions.


Tell them simple stories that RESONATE with the never ending human dreaming mind.

Do this, and they'll associate their DEEP DREAMS with YOU.

Learn How:


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