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What does it mean to be charismatic?

There are a plenty of ways.

Charisma is a general label.

One that means the person labeled as charismatic is VERY enjoyable to be around.

There are two basic ways to do this.

One is to focus COMPLETELY on other person.

Not just lazy, fake focus.

But real, genuine interest in who they are.

Not just their looks, but everything about them.

Most of us can ONLY do this with people we are physically or otherwise attracted.

But charismatic people can do this with EVERYBODY.

Now, most people believe this is some kind of genetic gift.

One that some people have, and others don't.

But it is something you can practice.

But this kind of charisma has one very significant drawback.

You can ONLY use it on one person at a time.

Because it is focused on bringing OUT the best things about that other person.

There is a different kind of charisma.

One that can create attraction, desire, and fascination in AS MANY people as you want.

Some people "try" to approach this when they learn various "techniques."

Like doing card tricks or other interesting bar tricks.

These CAN be very useful.

We DO like magic.

But this means you'll need to have a LOT of magic tricks up your sleeve.

And when you run out, you run out.

Show's over, Elvis has left the building.

Since we ARE talking about magic tricks, there is another aspect of doing magic.

And that is the magician's patter.

A magician silently standing there doing tricks is interesting.

But a magician that does SIMPLE tricks while telling INTERESTING and complex stories?

Way better.

In fact, with ONLY the storytelling part, you can do LOT BETTER than any random bar magician.


Because stories are based on STRUCTURE.

You learn a magic trick you can ONLY do that magic trick.

But once you learn a few story STRUCTURES, you can tell the same stories over and over and over.

Just different content each time.

Even better is that stories move us NOT because of their content, but because of their STRUCTURE.

It is their structure that moves our emotions.

It is their structure that will allow YOU to move their emotions.

One at a time, or all at once.

This is the ULTIMATE in charisma.

To be in a random, organically evolving conversation.

Somebody says something about the weird guy working at Jack In The Box.

Somebody else says something about something kind of related.

Then you slide in.

"That's like this one guy..." you begin.

Next thing you know, the entire ROOM is mesmerized.

Hanging on very word.

All their attentions in YOURS.

Their emotions in YOUR control.

And YOU forever in their memories.

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