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Use Science To Move Their Emotions


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If you rub your fingertip along the rim of a wine goblet, you can get it to "sing."

If you hold the right note, you can break that same glass.

This is difficult because you have to hold the EXACT frequency that the glass naturally vibrates at.

There is a bay in Canada that has a HUGE difference between high tide and low tide.

What do all these things have in common?


When you rub your finger along the tip of the wine goblet, you are "calibrating" the small "micro breaks" in the smoothness until it is the SAME frequency as the glass.

When you hold a note, and it resonates an untouched glass, the glass will break.

What about high tide and low tide?

This is the same principle as a little kid in a bathtub.

Moving back and forth with the water to slosh it all over the floor.

When the moon creates the tide, it's the same thing.

The difference between high tide and tide is a function of the entire system.

The water depth, the forces of the moon on the sea, and the physical characteristics of the bay.

Resonance is a fantastic concept.

Most systems have their natural "frequency."

And if you "vibrate" that system at it's resonance frequency, you can get some pretty big disturbances.

Sometimes things break.

Things that aren't supposed to break.

Once the wind happened to match the frequency of a bridge in England.

The bring was swinging wildly back and forth.

Little kids understand resonance perfectly fine when they swing back and forth on a swing.

This is very fun.

To move only a little bit, (legs swinging back and forth) but to get some BIG movements.

Our emotions also have certain resonance frequencies.

And when you vibrate those emotional resonance frequencies, our emotions can feel FANTASTIC.

This can be done through music, movies, books, even goofy TV commercials.

And just like all the other resonance ideas, this is based on SCIENCE.

It is no accident that all stories have the same basic structure.

It is no accident that most music has the same basic structure.

Human dreams, human desires, human fears also have the same structure.

Learn to pace this structure, and you can make ANYBODY feel fantastic.

Even better, it is just as repeatable as a wine goblet or a swing set.

How, specifically, do you do this?

Learn the deep and ancient story structure that has nature has embedded into our DNA.

Speak in this structure and move people places they've NEVER been to before.

Learn How:


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