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A very common trope in romantic movies is the guy or gal who "gets" the other guy or gal.

This is the opposite of another common romantic movie trope.

That when two people are getting closer and closer, one of them is TERRIFIED that the other person will find out who they REALLY are.

And when this happens, it's over.

These are two sides of the same coin.

The coin of who we really are on the inside.

The fear side is us being TERRIFIED of being "found out" and forever rejected.

The best-case-scenario side is them seeing our true selves and not only fully accepting this, but embracing us BECAUSE of this.

This is the famous, "you get me" line that all hopeless romantics are looking for.

The good news is that EVERYBODY feels this way.

Everybody has deep fears of being "found out" and being rejected forever.

This fear is built into all humans.

Which means it's based on a false premise.

But you don't have to do any kind of deep emotional healing to get rid of this.


Because there is a very easy, and very powerful way to GET pretty much anybody.

And when you learn how to GET pretty much anybody, they will NEVER want to leave you no matter what.

Doesn't matter if they are friends, lovers, or even business partners.

Since so many people never really "get" anybody, you will stand out.

You will be one among millions who GET those close to them.


It's a pretty easy.

First, it begins with understanding how humans think.

The structure of our thoughts.

The structure of our fears and desires.

This may sound pretty complicated.

And it IS if you force yourself to see the world through your own, ego-based world view.

But turn off your own ego, just long enough, and you'll see that EVERYBODY is very easy to understand.

So when you asks simple questions about how they think, how they see the world, how they choose, YOU will stand out.

You will be the one they never want to leave.

You MUST, however, be careful.

If you use these techniques too soon with strangers, they may fall HARD for  you.

This is very dangerous.

Ideally, these are best used when you've already established your relationship boundaries.

Friends, business partners, romantic interests, etc.

But so long as you are sure, fire away.

And they will NEVER want to let you out of their sight.

Learn How:


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