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You can find chickens and eggs everywhere.

Well, not actual chickens and eggs, but complicated cause-effect relationships.

One of our instincts is to see causal relationships where none exist.

They believe this was to help us think much more quickly in our much more dangerous past.

But today, this mis-firing cause-effect thing in our brain can be pretty funny.

It can also create the aforementioned chickens and eggs.

We see two things happening at the same time, and we wonder which came first.

The honest answer is that we humans won't like ever know.

The world is way more complicated than our monkey brains can make sense of.

But some things are very easy to see once we remove some false ideas.

Usually these false ideas are based on false fears.

Like maybe when you were a kid, and you were scared the first time you jumped into a pool from the high dive.

The first few times, it may have been terrifying.

Then it became pretty fun.

Or maybe the first time you rode a bike, it was pretty scary.

But then it became pretty easy.

One of the more complex transitions that some people CAN make is first conversations between strangers.

Most people are stuck in the "scared of strangers" phase.

Where we see somebody new and interesting, and it's ALWAYS pretty scary to make the first move.

This actually comes in FOUR levels.

Not two, like diving boards and bicycles.

The first level is where most people will be and stay for their entire lives.

The level that says, "Other people are interesting, but I wish I was better at talking to strangers."

The second level is when you realize that talking to people is pretty easy, but only AFTER you realize that the first level is based on a false idea.

That we need to present ourselves to others for approval.

But once you talk to enough people, you realize that EVERYBODY is pretty much desperate for other people's approval.

This is when you figure out how to talk to people.

How to ask people simple questions that they'll enjoy thinking about, and answering.

Questions that will make them see YOU differently than everybody else.

This is when you slowly slide into the third level.

Where you realize that most people, after you get over the excitement of talking to strangers, are pretty BORING.

Most people don't have very much in their brains.

The ideas most people have in their brains about themselves and the world is pretty similar.

This is when you get to the third, and fourth stage.

When talking to PEOPLE in general is a hobby.

Something you do simply because the PROCESS is fun.

And when this happens, you'll reach the fourth level switch.

When most PEOPLE are interested in YOU.

Which will allow YOU to choose the best ones.

For whatever reason you want.

Learn How:


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