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Has anyone else experienced this?

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I'm curious to know if anyone has experienced like an "empty" feeling? It seems to happen out of nowhere when I get some insight into something. Almost feels like, a slight depression and a shift and then it's like I never had the negative emotion, feeling or block. 


I feel almost like my conscious is lagging behind my subconscious when big changes occur and there's a neutral or depressive state before my conscious kicks in and starts the new behaviour.


For example I've been experiencing major shifts in two main areas in my life. Romance and money. 

Well, it seems like I've turned into a super desirable "catch" practically overnight. It's kicked in so well that some of the women I've been meeting won't date me because they feel like I'm out of their league :o  wholly paradox! Super weird to be on the other side.


I've also had major blocks that prevented me from making more money. I had a breakthrough after listening to the adult video and realized that I had this fear of letting people down stemming from (unbeknownst to me at the time) pressure being the team captain and mvp of my basketball team at 16. I dislocated my shoulder right before city finals and felt like I let everyone down. 


Currently I run my own company, and couldn't get over a certain amount each month and finally after listening to that video and a couple of others for about two weeks, I finally made the most money I've ever made in any given month and still getting new clients. 


The thing is, I still feel disappointed like I can't be excited, even though I am. Almost like I can't allow myself to be happy about my success because something will happen or I'll "hurt" myself again. 


Can someone provide some insight. Thank you!


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