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The searchable videos function is now working. Here's how to get in.
1) Click on the little letter icon in the upper right corner.
2) Send the following pm to me.
recipient = admin
subject = Member Videos
body =      1)  your user name
                 2)  the email you used to purchase your membership
Once I've added you, you can sort through the videos as follows:







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Hey George,


I always appreciate your amazing service to the world and thank you for all your help! I do understand that you take care of new members with less video requests as priority and I already have 6 requests done so I understand that it takes more time in that case. I just wanted to touch base and see if "Attract Money" video request (from August 16th) might be processed at some point in the next few weeks or so? I look forward to see where you and Mind Persuasion are going and Thank you again





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How do I download the audio to my computer? I know the "click right to download button is right there but when I click it, the are no options that pop up that allow my to download anything. What can I do?

It all depends on what device you are using, what browser you are using, and how you have you browser configured to handle downloads.


Basically it's a link to an mp3, which is like any other link to any other downloadable file. Just figure out how  you download stuff with your configuration, and it will work the same.

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