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The halo effect is a real thing.

It's very superficial, but it's very real.

In many ways, pretty people, both guys and girls CAN have it easier.

So long as the content surrounding their halo effect is superficial, they will have a significant advantage.

Why is this?

When we look at pretty people, we get a very strong, very positive, very ancient instinctive feeling.

A very ancient feeling that says, "I want that."

Not just "that," but everything associated with "that."

This is tied to beauty and youth.

This was also calibrated a long, long time ago when life was very, very simple.

Halo effect people AND fast food have plenty of similarities.

Fast food tastes good in the short term.

Halo effect people make us feel good, in the short term.

Of course, this comparison itself is very shallow.

There are plenty of things you can eat that are both delicious and very healthy.

There are plenty of people who are attractive, but also have similarly attractive personalities.

This is where the comparisons end.

With food, healthy food can ONLY taste so good.

You'll never get a healthy meal that satisfies you like your favorite junk food.

Staying AWAY from your favorite junk food and eating ONLY healthy food takes constant vigilance.

This is why it is MUCH easier to gain weight than it is to lose weight.

But for people?

It's the opposite.

In this regard, pretty people have a disadvantage.

Way back in the day, being physically attractive was enough.

But today, the world is much more complex.

Deep, long lasting and complex emotional feelings are MUCH more important than quick, superficial feelings.

If you are one of the genetically blessed, creating those superficial positive feelings is EASY.

So easy you can make a career out of it.

So long as you NEVER have to talk about anything deep or complicated.

This is why pretty people can be more prone to depression.

Especially if ALL they have is their looks.

They feel, on a subconscious level, that they are only a few steps away from rejection.

They always have a sinking suspicion that if they lost their looks, they'd lose everything.

That's why being able to CREATE positive feelings in others is a very powerful skill.

Not through your looks, but through your communication.

Not the superficial communication of memorized patterns or compliments.

But deep communication.

The questions that make them think.

Not just a little bit, but for a long time.

Questions that they will ponder for a long time.

Questions that will resonate in their mind.

They longer they ponder them, the more they'll think about you in fantastic terms.

This is something you can engineer with your language.

Your interactions.

Your focus and your interest.

This is the power that exists in your mind.

An unlimited potential of never ending attraction building.

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