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A few years ago, a friend of mine asked me to go with her on this weekend business thing.

She said it was something she and her sister were interested.

She was pretty vague, and didn't make it seem very important.

So, since it was Saturday, I wore my Saturday clothes.

A pair of shorts, a t-shirt and some sneakers.

Everybody else there was wearing a suit.

I felt a little out of place.

Until I realized it was some kind of MLM scam.

The energy at those kinds of places is pretty unique.

Everybody has got these strong, yet fake, sense of urgency.

After, my friend asked what I thought.

I said, yeah, uh, no.

MLM's are fantastic if you are the founder.

You CAN make a ton of money.

But for most other suckers, it's a waste of time.

Funny thing is plenty of things have a MLM "structure."

Only they aren't cons, they are regular competitions.

For every ONE job, you'll get hundreds of applicants.

Millions of young people go to Hollywood every year hoping to be famous.

Very few do.

(many end up in porn...)

Tens of millions of high school kids dream of playing professional sports, but few come close to making the cut.

Because this is part of life, it's accepted.

That's kind of the point of being human.

Of figuring out WHERE to aim your skills, so you can do the best.

One thing that has made being "famous" much easier is social media.

Before, if you were to become "Hollywood famous" you had to have the right look, AND you need to have the right collection of skills.

But today, ALL you really need is the right look, and you're in.

This is absolutely FANTASTIC.

Especially for those of us who are NOT genetically blessed.

Wait, what?

Because more than ever, being famous requires LITTLE or ZERO skills.

Only appearances.

That means with just some basic social skills, you can CLEAN UP.

It's definitely not a simple as taking your picture and waiting for fame.

But it's actually pretty easy.

Because with some little-known-about language skills, you can CREATE your own halo effect.

Sure, you might not ever be famous on YouTube or Instagram.

But whenever there are people around, you CAN become a rock star.

Old school, inter-personal charisma.

The kind that people FEEL.

Not the fake kind based on looks.

This means when you operate socially, people will see you.

They'll feel you.

They'll very much WANT to know you.

Giving you a HUGE advantage.

Learn How:


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