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There's an old Far Side cartoon of a kid pushing against a door.

He's really leaning into it.

However, the sign on the door says, "pull."

And above the "pull" sign, there is a much bigger sign saying "School For Genius Children" or something similar.

Funny because a super genius kid pushing against a door that says pull.

There are quite a few metaphors or doing the opposite of what we THINK we should do.

George Costanza, the character on Seinfeld, decided to do the opposite of what his gut told him.

And everything worked fantastically.

Even Rumi, a poet from a few centuries ago, wrote about when we go into the fire, we are really going into the cool water.

And when we go into the cool water, we are really going into the fire.

Now, some of our instincts are PERFECT.

If you are leaning over a railing on the 50th floor of a hotel and your instincts are screaming at you to get back, that's pretty good advice.

But when it comes to social instincts, most of them ARE backwards.

Many of our instincts are reversed today.

Our world is much, much more complicated today than when our instincts were calibrated.

But sometimes this doesn't mean running into the fire and hoping it's cool water.

Consider this "double reverse" conversational strategy.

When we see somebody interesting, we want to impress them.

So far so good.

Staying neutral or even repulsing them won't do any good.

The problem comes in HOW we attempt to impress them.

We try to tell them things about OURSELVES.

In PUA circles, this is generally described as DEMONSTRATING HIGH VALUE.

Meaning we need to show them or tell them that WE are very valuable people.

If they agree that we are very valuable people, that's good.

If they don't, that's bad.

But most people think WAY too "short term" when demonstrating high value.

Consider instead, to build high value.

The word, "demonstrate" makes it sound quick.

But BUILDING high value takes time.

Especially when it's happening AUTOMATICALLY in their mind.

How can you do this?

By asking them questions about them.

Not superficial questions, like their favorite perfume or band.

But how they think.

How they see the world.

This will do a LOT.

One is few people ever ask questions like this.

Two is they will resonate in their minds.

Three is the more they think about these questions, the more they'll see YOU as having high value.

Four is these questions will kind of "grow on their own" in their mind.

As will their VALUE of you.

And the more they think about these questions, the better they'll feel about themselves.

And subconsciously, about you, for asking them.

All it takes on your part is a few simple, innocent sounding questions.

And then let their opinion, and value, of you, naturally and organically increase.

Learn How:


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